TuteeBook is India's biggest an dmost confided in Learning Network. Our vision is to be a one-quit learning accomplice for each Indian. we are a confided in accomplice of decision for more than 10 lakhs understudies, guardians, and experts visiting us consistently to satisfy learning necessities. Utilizing TuteeBook.com, understudies, guardians, and experts can look at numerous Tutors, Trainers, and Institutes and pick the ones that best suit their prerequisites. In the event that you are a Tutor, Trainer, or an Institute, you can get pertinent inquiries dependent on your aptitudes and offer online just as disconnected instructing administration.


Our story begins when our authors were additionally an instructor and they regularly experience the issue of getting a showing line of work opening close to their area. Before long they understood that this their concern as well as it is a boisterous procedure for a large portion of the educators. Additionally, in the wake of conversing with certain guardians, they became more acquainted with that the guardians are likewise stressed over finding an accomplished and all around qualified educator for their kid. Understudies and guardians were additionally experiencing issues employing a private mentor. we recognized a chance to begin an endeavour that would help in disposing of the pointless bother looked by understudies and guardians just as the educators. Following a couple of long stretches of statistical surveying and arranging, at last, TuteeBook.com was begun as a plan to limit the hole between the educators who are battling in getting a superior mentoring line of work and the understudies who are eager to enlist a home guide. It cleared a path for working experts, who were searching for low maintenance work after available time, to settle on low maintenance work. Additionally, it ends up being a path for housewives to occupy showing low maintenance calling after they are finished with their family unit work. As the prevalence of TuteeBook's effective administrations expanded, it was chosen to extend the activity from Delhi-NCR to different urban communities of the nation. Starting at now, we are operational in Delhi-NCR and would like to grow our operational region skillet India. Our vision is to make training accessible for each understudy and give a chance to the educators to win a decent compensation by sharing their insight. We are not here to gain, however, to serve our kin with better administrations. We continue improving ourselves in each field and endeavour to give a superior encounter to all our clients without fail.

WHY TuteeBook

Best Teachers

Four Simple words than dene our Teachers - Excellent People, Brilliant Minds! At TuteeBook, instructing isn't only a calling. For our educators, it is a dedication and a matter of pride and obligation. We don't have any educators who instruct only for cash, year on year.

Our Elite gathering of educators is a system of enthusiastic people who need to contribute towards better learning results and the execution of understudies. Most importantly, we are a gathering centred around bringing joy and delight through learning.

The majority of the instructors at TuteeBook have split the hardest assessments themselves and are well qualified and experienced. Who else would know the estimation of difficult work included and understudies brain science superior to them! What's more, we have put 10+ long stretches of profound research on effective encouraging philosophies, and the equivalent is fused in the enrollment and preparing forms for Teachers. You can generally behave confidence that understudies at TuteeBook are in safe hands.


TuteeBook is an innovation organization at the centre. RDX Team (Research Develop and Explore) at TuteeBook is making innovation in instruction to deliver a disruptive positive effect - to make more 'Educators by Choice', to make Quality training progressively open and affordable. We have made bleeding edge innovation from scratch to control the accompanying splendid highlights on TuteeBook

*LIVE audio-video connection between Teacher & Student at very low internet

bandwidths. Connecting two individuals who live with audio-video communication even at very low internet bandwidths requires complex and sophisticated technology. We at TuteeBook have mastered it. Thousands of students residing in remote corners of India with a poor internet connection have already benefited from our technology, something we are really proud of!

*Common live learning condition (Whiteboard) among understudy and instructor.

We understood that best learning happens when an instructor by and by sits with an understudy to talk about and show him/her on a note pad shared between them. This is accurately what shared Whiteboard on TuteeBook duplicates for understudy and educator sitting a great many kilometres away. We have placed in long periods of vitality in making innovation to make shared Whiteboard very consistent and instinctive for the two instructors and understudies. The two instructors and understudies can compose as well as transfer pictures to pose inquiries or potentially clarify ideas.

*A replay of each LIVE meeting between educator understudy on TuteeBook with the end goal of amendment and audit.

We comprehend that nonstop modification is the most ideal route for an understudy to reinforce his/her ideas. Our innovation empowers the recording of every meeting between an instructor and understudy, which can be accessible for the understudy to modify later. We likewise utilize this account to audit the nature of educating on TuteeBook. Our innovation upgrades meeting chronicles to make it conceivable to replay them at low data transmissions even on cell phones.

*Learning Management Tools

We have made devices for all-encompassing learning the executives that incorporate educating learning content creation, sharing, and assessment. The substance can run from a basic item test to imaginative assignments to meeting notes but then have a ton of variety inside it. The instructor can likewise make and offer sound video assignments/tests to which the understudies can react utilizing either web or portable application.

*Performance Reporting for Students and Parents

Along with creating an awesome learning management tool, our geeks have also developed a comprehensive performance and feedback reporting system. This would help teachers to share regular feedback on student's academic performance and other learning outcomes. It would also help students and parents to realize the weak areas in advance and start with remedial action well in advance.

*LIVE Session on Mobile Devices

We make certain, at this point, you'll concur with us on the mechanical headway that our RDX is taking a shot at to get democratization and personalization instruction. We have increased present expectations even a stage higher for ourselves and presented LIVE learning on Android cell phones. Indeed, the understudies would now be able to take full-edged LIVE meetings on their versatile/tablet gadgets. We have now broken the shackles of time, spot, and gadgets for learning.

Benefits of LIVE Online Tutoring

Personalized instruction LIVE from the solace of your house

TuteeBook's quality is its centre spotlight on customized LIVE web-based education. This guarantees an understudy gets the whole consideration of a committed instructor and learns at his/her pace. The communication between the educator and understudies is solid and two-way, which is likewise observed mechanically for additional improvement (if necessary). The understudy is urged to ask questions/questions not at all like in a packed homeroom. Also, the understudy is a lot of agreeable in asking his/her questions on TuteeBook than anyplace else, as instructors ingrain addressing abilities alongside giving hypothetical information. Improved commitment among understudy and instructor on TuteeBook ensures better understanding and review for the understudy; dissimilar to in a study hall where educator understudy commitment is difficult to gauge. What's more, the understudy is gaining from the solace of his/her own home – Learning happens best when the understudy's psyche is loose!

Better than recorded lectures The

MOOCS upset professed to guarantee that quality training is accessible to all and this will comprehend the diseases that the instruction framework users from. In any case, the fundamental issue has not been comprehended that of sequential construction system instruction creation. The resulting 'One Size Fits All arrangement' is still totally against the very ethos of customized education live instructing is a significant part of customized training. With TuteeBook's good involvement with instructing and tutoring more than 20,000 understudies, we can securely guarantee that. Particularly in the K12 portion, a kid needs inspiration and must be coached separated from instructing. Neither a recorded talk nor the total dependence on the instructive foundation can help here-it doesn't empower or bolster genuine learning. It might fill the need for information move however flops hopelessly in connecting with the understudy, to create enthusiasm, to collaborate, and bolster at precarious focuses. To take into account the dynamic needs of a youthful understudy, what is required is an amicable and excited educator who can coordinate the degree of a youngster and clarify each idea in a manner the individual in question gets it. You'll concur, it is close to difficult to accomplish this in a recorded talk or a packed class of 40 odd understudies.

Time and Energy sparing

Secured arrangement Increasingly, the security of youngsters while driving is in danger. Guardians are not happy if youthful understudies need to travel extended periods and separations for an expert instructing class, squandering vitality, taking wellbeing, and security dangers. TuteeBook offers an answer for this cutting edge ailment.

Presently every understudy can get world-class instructing support for proficient courses. The person in question can sidestep this inefficient travel time and vitality, and spotlight just on concentrates from the solace of home. Time spared is time earned for progressively gainful loosening up exercises an interest, unwinding with family, or that uncommon ware for each understudy plain rest!

Anywhere- Anytime Learning

The regular classroom technique commands that learning must be restricted to a spot and compelled by time. We think learning ought not to be time-bound. Nor should educating be. TuteeBook breaks the shackles of time and spot, freeing taking in and instructing from the constraints of time and area. Presently even late around evening time, or promptly in the first part of the day, an understudy has the freedom to connect for direction and help... also, instructors at TuteeBook will be completely eager to loan their assistance!

Each meeting directed on TuteeBook is profoundly customized, the instructional method and exercise plans of the instructors are customized to address the issue of understudies. Additionally, the pace of the talk is administered by getting a handle on the abilities of the understudy. That is the greatest quality of TuteeBook's ideas! That is not every last bit of it, there are two or three progressively notable highlights at TuteeBook that we wager, you won't have the option to nd anyplace else.